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At Garcia Legal PA, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to modern litigation. We understand the stress and frustration that can come with a legal dispute, and we are dedicated to providing you with the swift resolution you deserve. Our team of attorneys is committed to accurately assessing your risks and presenting strategic options that will not only minimize your exposure but also maximize your results. You can trust us to fight tirelessly on your behalf while navigating the complex and ever-changing legal landscape. Let us be your champions in this trying time.

We understand litigation, its what we do.

At our firm, we believe in collaboration and utilizing the expertise of our entire legal team. We regularly hold round-table discussions with our attorneys to ensure that we are leveraging our collective talents to find the most efficient and cost-effective path forward for our clients. In cases where litigation is necessary, we approach it with a focused strategy that targets all responsible parties. Nonetheless, we also recognize that litigation can be a strenuous and expensive process, and it is not always the best solution for our clients. Therefore, we remain committed to exploring all possible options and solutions that align with our clients’ needs and interests.

Don't judge your day by the harvest your reap, but by the seeds you plant.

Honest advice is rare.

In the insurance industry, it is unfortunately common for some professionals to provide clients with information that they believe the client wants to hear, while others may avoid communicating altogether. However, in the realm of Insurance Defense, our approach is quite different. Our commitment is to provide our clients with honest, well-informed, and timely evaluations. We believe that this approach allows us to build trust with our clients and provide them with the best possible service.

At Garcia Legal PA, we approach modern insurance litigation with a practical mindset that acknowledges the reality of the legal landscape. While most cases do settle, we selectively take on a few that require further attention. By providing sound and strategic advice, we aim to strengthen our bond with clients and ensure their satisfaction in any future cases that may arise.

Has it been days since the assignment without any initial demand or report?

Does it feel like the handling of your case's defense is being directed by someone with the primary objective of generating motions and hearings?

Let us change the way you think about insurance defense and reporting. Let us show you what hustle looks like.

Our Practice

Who We Are

Garcia Legal PA delivers favorable outcomes by prioritizing the bigger picture and guiding clients towards efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our founding principle is to provide exceptional representation through the expertise of experienced trial attorneys and legal professionals. With unwavering dedication to our clients’ needs and unwavering integrity, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services, from pre-litigation assessment to trial and appellate practice.

As a responsible representative, we value the trust bestowed by our clients and consider it a privilege to handle significant matters on their behalf. We prioritize not only the final outcome but also the approach taken to resolve the situations entrusted to us.

Apart from our achievements in the legal industry, we acknowledge the significance of community engagement and service. We are committed to the betterment of the communities where we reside and operate. We take pride in fulfilling our civic duties by contributing our time, resources, and workforce to local charities and civic associations. Our dedication to our home communities is unwavering.

Practice Areas

Garcia Legal PA, currently represents the interests of numerous insurance carriers throughout Florida in the defense of first party property homeowners’ claims. Whether it be loss or damage by windstorm, fire, theft, sinkhole, vandalism, broken pipe or chipped tile, our attorneys have the expertise to provide assistance with cost-effective pre-suit analysis, examinations under oath, and litigation services. Our First Party practice group is a mainstay of our firm and we provide vast experience dealing with issues of policy coverage, interpretation and evaluation of the claimed loss. We represent several insurers on a statewide basis and partner with the special investigations units of many carriers.

Our team of seasoned and highly trained trial attorneys have substantial litigation experience and are capable of adequately gauging risks and providing strategic options in order to minimize exposure and maximize results.

When litigation is warranted we harness the collective abilities of our team and bring them to bear on all potentially responsible parties. All of this is done with an eye toward finding cost-effective solutions including arbitration, mediation, and court-assisted settlement conferences to help our clients maximize their litigation budgets and obtain positive results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Accidents and incidents occurring on property happen routinely, and when they do, property owners, lessees and their insurance carriers need to be fully appraised of the potential legal ramifications and exposure as early as possible in the development of the claim.

Whether the property is residential or commercial, our premises liability attorneys provide our clients with cost-effective early case analysis and dispute resolution. If the claim cannot be resolved in the pre-litigation stage, our team of seasoned trial attorneys is available to litigate the claim.

Garcia Legal PA attorneys have handled the gambit of Third Party Liability and Premises Liability claims through representation of property owners or tenants, directly and through their insurance carriers, in claims arising from slip and fall incidents, intentional acts, negligent security, and other claims of negligence resulting in property damage and bodily injuries.

Garcia Legal PA provides General Counsel services for commercial entities, including major credit unions, freight forwarders, and commercial brokers. Our firm also maintains a dedicated commercial litigation department in order to “Fast Track” the commercial legal needs of our clients. Garcia Legal PA handles commercial collections and subrogation matters for its clients, including multinational banks, national insurance carriers, and commercial creditors.

Our commercial litigation attorneys are nationally recognized by the leading industry trade groups, and admitted to local bankruptcy courts so that they can follow a commercial claim from inception to collection. They are trained to use technology to their advantage in order to push commercial litigation through the legal process in a speedy and cost effective manner. Our Attorneys have years in commercial litigation experience and harnessing their collective abilities allows us provide the complete range of commercial litigation services, including:

  • Replevin
  • Contract disputes
  • Employee disputes
  • Bankruptcy actions
  • Collections
  • Commercial property closings
  • Real property closings

Defending claims on behalf of insurance carriers requires heightened levels of reporting within a budget. Garcia Legal PA provides the full spectrum of litigation services in First and Third Party claims, including SIU services, coverage opinions, and claim investigations.

We understand that defending claims that stem from the Insurer/Insured relationship requires an attorney to be a strong litigator, and have the ability to interpret the complexities of varying insurance polices and their coverages.

Founded in 2011 by Joseph A. Garcia, Garcia Legal PA specializes in the areas of First Party property defense for homeowners insurance carriers (Defense and EUO), and Third Party liability defense for large commercial insurance carriers (CGL Polices; E & O; D & O; and Government Entities).

This focus on General and Professional liability defense allows us to harness the collective power of our Firm into each individual case. 95% of our caseload stems directly from insurance policy disputes or Third Party representation of insureds, so our attorneys understand the significance of the Insured/Insurer relationship.

We have worked the big cases and do not flinch when the pressure is on. Our attorneys can quickly and accurately dissect the facts of a claim or lawsuit thereby giving you more information and options.

Recent surveys indicate that insurance bad faith claims are on the rise nationally. Many of these claims involve highly sensitive and significant matters with the potential to have serious impacts on the insurance industry as a whole. Our bad faith practice group has the experience to guide our clients through the defense of a bad faith claim, including first and third-party bad faith and common law and statutory claims. Our team works with our clients throughout all stages of a potential bad faith claim to ensure the client’s specific needs are met.

Our Team

Joseph A. Garcia

Founding Partner

Joe provides legal representation for major corporations, insurance carriers in commercial litigation disputes.

More About Joe

Victor R. Garcia


Victor is the managing attorney and a Partner in the Commercial Claims Litigation department of the firm.

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Luis Ugaz


Victor is the managing attorney and a Partner in the Commercial Claims Litigation department of the firm.

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